Friday, 9 April 2010



Some of my blogging friends have been wondering what had become of me, and if I was still in the proverbial land of the living. So I thought it time that reported in with my bits and pieces of news.

Things have not been going too well health wise since Christmas, so I’ll just slip very quickly over all that. My OH wasn’t very well for a few weeks and then I got this awful watered down version of flu. It hung around through five weeks, several courses of antibiotics and variations! As soon as that faded away I got the dreaded tummy bug that usually hits people at Christmas. You do NOT want that one! It left me after about a week and jumped over to OH! I do think that we are both feeling a lot better and ready to face life again.

There was just one other piece of news that I have to tell you. My darling OH Arthur, has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. This is still sinking in and quite a blow. We have been together for sixty-three years and married for almost fifty-nine! But we will survive.

My other news is much happier and exciting! We have decided to take life by the horns a little, and treat ourselves to a house face-lift.

We are turning our dingy old bathroom into a wet room (much safer for OH) and my twenty-year-old kitchen is being gutted and completely rebuilt to my specifications. I am so excited although it’s quite a headache organising it all on my own. Its taken weeks to get all the admin and form filling etc. sorted and it all starts on 1st June. I can’t wait! I’ll keep you informed with photos as and when it all happens.
That’s all for now folk!