Saturday, 6 September 2008


It was customary for the top class at school to present a Christmas play for the rest of the school, and this year it was to be ‘Little Women’. I had been chosen to play Mrs. March and was dressed in a floor-length costume, with a crisp, white apron, my head covered in a white lacy mop cap. I felt very elegant and important. Best of all, I was allowed to wear make-up. This consisted of a little face powder, a scraping of mascara and some lipstick.
We got ready for our first full dress rehearsal, and I donned my make-up. The effect on the male members of the class was electrifying! Suddenly, I was transformed from an insignificant, shy classmate, to a femme fatale. This was the unforgettable highlight of my last year of school.
David H, together with Arthur P. (who were the two boys that all the girls fancied) chased me all round the desks, trying to kiss me. Although secretly thrilled, I was embarrassed and nervous, as I had never been out with a boy, let alone kissed one. What a sheltered life I’d led! Arthur finally caught me and kissed me. It was as if all the lights in the world flashed on and off and, at the same time all the bells started to ring. On the last day of term, we performed our play and it went really well. After the final curtain call, another boy in my class called Tony asked me if I would be his girl. I said ‘yes’ and got another earth shattering kiss. He said I could wear his ring over the Christmas holidays. It was a huge, silver skull-and-crossbones ring. Normally, I would have thought it hideous, but this was all so romantic that I took it and swore to keep it carefully until the start of next term. I couldn’t really wear it. It was so unfeminine; and anyway, Mum would have wanted to know where it had come from. So I hid it away until school started again in January. When I saw Tony again, it was as if nothing had ever happened between us.
He said ‘Have you bought my ring back?’
I said ‘ Yes here it is’.
He said ‘ Thanks very much’.
And we both went on our way. End of romance!!!

To be continued…


GoldAnne said...

ahhhhh Leeta how sweet!!!
I was terribly shy at school too,
it sounded like you had a great time though, after 11 plus I went to all girls school :( u hnow how horrible girls can be sometimes!!!
loved your blog ,, you tell it so well
love anne xxx

weechuff said...

Oh the shy days of being a teenager! I was painfully shy, and well remember being kissed one Christmas, (not just a little peck either)in front of the whole class by a buy called Hughie Ford. To him it was just another girl that he got to kiss, but like you, it was my first kiss ever!! I floated all the way home:0)

Babs (Beetle) said...

How sweet :O) My first, secret boyfriend went on holiday and sent me a card signed in a girls name, so I wouldn't get into trouble. How silly we were. Mum knew immediately it was from a boy, and said "you don't have to keep it a secret, it's fine to have a boyfriend" Ha ha!

Croom said...

I can't remember ever having a kiss until Dave :O( I either was not sexy enough to want to kiss or I have a dreadful memory.

That was a lovely blog Leeta, how romantic it all was. Have you a photo of you dressed for that play? If so please put it on your blog.
Love Tina xx

granny grimble said...

Isn't it funny that we all - well nearly all, had the same secret experience and never told each other. I don't suppose it happens now, I expect they all start snogging when they are are at nursery school!


No photos I'm afraid. Parents didn't go (Mum and Dad didn't have a camera any way). I can't believe you didn't kiss one boy before you met Dave.

Croom said...

Leeta, Dave said he also never kissed anyone before he met me. I was his first kiss too! After almost 44 years I hope to be his last!

Jay said...

Oh, that's funny! How fickle boys were when we were young! I expect they thought the same about us, though!

I remember being in a school play and feeling transformed. I was one of a pair of tailors .. I cant remember the name of the play, but I will never forget the wonderful, rich fabrics we wore, and used as props! Gold lame, silks, satins, velvets! Oh, how I loved them!